BFE Benefit Rock Show

The fundraiser rock show benefit to Wanda Martin took place yesterday at BFE Rock Club.

I went out with the kids and took many pictures. I’m only posting a few on this page but feel free to download them all -over 180 total- in HD by band. (Download links at the bottom of the gallery)

The band pics available are: Roxzee, Double Tap and 4ProXimity. Don’t forget to leave a comment!

Wanda Martin is a long-time resident of the Tomball / Magnolia area. Wanda is a native Houstonian. Wanda was married to Clyde on June 15th 1968. Wanda and Clyde have four children whom also reside in the area.
In the beginning of February 2010, Wanda was diagnosed with Central Nervous System Lymphoma, which is a very rare form of brain cancer. She is currently receiving chemotherapy at M.D. Anderson Hospital. Less than  1000 people are diagnosed with this form of cancer each year. Wanda has no life insurance and Clyde has not been able to work much since the beginning of the year, when all her symptoms started.

Below are the 49 Photos that were taken for the band Roxzee. Feel free to download and use.

Download Roxzee Photos



Then came to play the band Double Tap in which my brother Ricardo also plays the drums. There were 59 photos taken there. Please download and use at your discretion.

Download Double Tap Photos



Lastly we went to check on our silent auction and after securing a CD and my Renascence goblets with an extra 10 bucks, we decided to stay for the band 4ProXimity. We took 62 photos of them. Feel free to download and use.

Download 4Proximity Show Photos

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