Galveston Fishing Trip

The other day I went fishing / camping / wasting time with my friend Carlos and my son Andrew.
This time, instead of taking our wife’s to bother us about the cold of the night and the heat of the day, we’ve decided to do a “boys-only” trip to the island of Galveston. We even took our dog “Coco” as part of the team.
This place is located at the end of Galveston Bay. San Luis Pass to be more specific.
That day, we got lucky at night and early in the morning! Andrew finally caught his first large fish. A nice Red Fish for which he needed help reeling it in.

This particular spot on San Luis Pass is excellent for fishing, partying, etc etc. But beware… This is not a place to swim! The currents are too strong and can pull a big guy out to the middle of the pass. Unfortunately, many people had died here. For swimming, it is better to go around the pass and camp by the calm waters by the end of the lagoon.
Here are some pictures:

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