Gevey Sim – Caller ID not showing contact name and not showing names on recent calls.

Gevey Sim with Iphone outside the U.S.? maybe you are having the same problem. Read on.

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Under no circumstances I will take credit for any of the solutions listed bellow. I’m simply posting here a sum-up of the steps as my dad in Venezuela described them to me. If this little tutorial works for you, then the credit goes to every iPhone enthusiast out there and of course, my father for putting things together. I hope this will fix your problem of not being able to see the name of the person who calls but just the number when using the Gevey Sim to unlock your iPhone. Also, once you fix the issue with displaying the names, there was another issue: The recent calls list would not show the names, but the numbers only of recent calls. All of these things, of course, would be because of the use of Gevey Sim to unlock.

To fix the “caller ID not displaying name” problem, the solution was very simple. All you have to do is modify the contact list and add the “+” followed by the country code to every number on your contact list. You can do this manually (you have to do this manually if your iPhone is not jailbroken) or, if you have a jailbroken iPhone with Cydia installed, you could search for “caller ID format Fix” which is a free tweak available in the BigBoss Repository.

However, once you resolve this issue and your caller ID begins to show the name of the person calling you, then you have now inherited another problem: The “recent calls” list would not show the names using Gevey SIM, but the numbers only. This is because of the fix above. If you don’t fix the problem above, then it would be reversed. But, you want both the caller ID and the recent calls working properly, right? To fix this, you would need to do the following: At this point, your iPhone needs to be jailbroken and have Cydia installed.

– Open Cydia and install “iFile” or any other package that would allow you to access the files inside your iPhone.
– Once in iFile, navigate to: /System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework/PhoneFormats
– Click on UIMobileCountryCodes.plist and open it with Text Viewer.
– Click Edit on the top left corner and change the 202 to 001
– Also, change the “gr” of the string to your country code. For instance, “ve” for Venezuela, “pl” for Poland, “it” for Italy, etc.
– Save the file and close iFile.


Gevey Caller ID Fix

Now it all should be working just fine. The reason for these steps above is because the Gevey SIM interposer is not related to any country and it uses a default country code as 001. That’s why you need to assign the country manually to fix the called ID issue and the recent calls issue. I hope it works for you. Don’t forget to leave a comment or Google + this post (right below the title). Thank you!


  1. Sehel asif

    Hello dear,
    I have an iphone 5 sprint locked phone…
    I have the same issue regarding the caller id…
    I tried searching for the file you mentioned (UIMobileCountryCodes.plist) in system/library/frameworks/UI.kitframework…
    But in my directory there is neither any folder with name ‘PhoneFormats’ nor any file with the above name…
    How can this issue be resolved?
    Is there any alternative?
    Thanks a lot for your time and cooperation.

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