Look ma, no flash!

Sencha, the company known for their Ext JS, is now releasing a new champion to their product line. Sencha Animator. If you used Adobe Flash before, then Sencha Animator should feel like a trip to the park, but instead of creating flash animations, you will be creating equally amazing CSS3 animations that will work in all Webkit browsers. You know what that means right? It means these animations will be supported by any of those iOS devices like iPad and iPhone.
Sencha Animator allows you simply place objects (text, shapes, and images) onto a re-sizable stage area, configure their properties and then animate to bring them to life. You can move, scale, skew and rotate objects singly or at various levels of nesting, in 2D or 3D space. With Sencha Animator, you can also take advantage of CSS3 capabilities like gradients, blurs, reflections and shadows. You can create basic animations quickly and easily. But Animator is also designed to be a CSS3 power-tool. So when you need to add HTML or custom CSS, it’s easy to do that too. Best of all, Sencha Animator outputs pure CSS3 animation code, so it’s hardware accelerated on Apple iOS, which creates incredibly smooth animations. This also means it’s ready to work with any JavaScript library, not just Sencha.
These application is available for Mac (Yeah!), Windows and Linux, and although it is still a beta version, you could start creating some pretty amazing things for your site. Check it out here!


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