Our Trip to Colorado!

Surely, one of our best vacations in a long time.

We began our road trip from Houston, TX to Aspen, CO on Thursday. Our plan was to stay the night as soon as we entered Colorado. First Town? Trinidad!. As soon as we arrived, we noticed how the new Marihuana law has changed the state. What used to be a family, kids friendly town has become the first stop for all those teenagers and marihuana-crazy teens that recently moved to the state in order to fulfill their psychotropic dreams. We entered a McDonalds and immediately felt intimidated by all these weird looking employees. Most of them high on weed. My wife’s burger was given to us with the meat raw. When we complained to the manager, we didn’t know if she was even mentally present!.

It’s sad. To me, there is nothing wrong with the occasional use of marihuana by whoever likes it. The problem is when people allow it to be become the center of their attention.

Once we arrived at Aspen the next day, we could feel the difference. The smoke shops were present, but people didn’t have this exaggerated need to be super high. This is the day our fun began, and knowing what was coming in the days ahead made it even better.

We had our reservations to stay at Avon, CO which is a very short drive to Vail, CO. Our plan included 3 days of ski school for the kids and then 2 more days of just whatever we wanted to do. Vail is filled with many activities and places to visit. One would never run out of things to do, and although it is an expensive town, we felt that staying in less luxurious hotels and having our own transportation made a huge difference.

At the end, we left Colorado with this sad melancholy sensation. It’s like the urge to want to go back again soon and spend perhaps even more time skiing and visiting more town and villages. The scenery is breathtaking!

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